Thong Tran

Just got back from road trip half way across USA

On my way home from Pittsburg Pennsylvania. I must say driving in Pittsburg downtown was confusing. There are sign that say Stop Here on Red, but I don’t know if I should turn when the light is red, there wasn’t a sign that say No Turn on Red, but only a sign that say Stop here on red. Anyways I got honk at maybe by the local people there, I still didn’t turn, oh well.

As I get closer to home in Lancaster, there a Police car behind me followed me for like 5 minutes, then I switched lane and that Police car change lane with me, very irritating that I’m driving a family van, new and clean, why would that police car want to follow me when I saw many surrounding vehicles cars that looks suspicious like Florida license place, loud motorcycle, long truck driving like crazy, is it because I’m Asian and others drivers are whites? or the Police scare to follow black drivers afraid to get shot at, easier to pick on Asian drivers? Anyways at one of the signal light turned yellow I crossed and that police car couldn’t.