X10 Powerhouse PS561 Personal Voice Dialer Security Console no longer dial out # correctly?

I got an old x10 voice dialer security console sold on ebay, but buyer having problem with it, and it appears to be issue with dial tone. This is a very old console and maybe have to do with the way phone system are working today moving from dial tone to dial tone + v2.0 whatever you call it VOIP causing the issue.

Got the note from the buyer.

Hi, unfortunately, I need to return this console. I used one identical to it for many years, & it started to not call my programmed numbers anymore, or so I thought. So I ordered your new one as a replacement; but the problem is the same as I had with my old one in that it starts dialing the numbers before it gets a dial tone, so calls don’t go through, as the complete nember isn’t being dialed after the phone line establishes the dial tone. I also bought the warranty, so I’ll need a refund on that as well. I’m so sorry! I’ve been programming it over the past week at various times trying to get it to call out. It calls out, but dials prematurely, & I contacted X10 support but they’re unable to offer a solution. Can you please start a return ticket with the address & such for me to return it to? Thanks, & again, I’m sorry!

Then I responded.

I just thought of an idea that may be a work around with prematurely dialing issue you have before dial tone trigger. How add a bogus # in the front then the real phone #.

For example, if the phone # to dial out for notification is 958-123-4567, then maybe add like 0 or 01 or 0123 then the real phone #, try with one digit at a time. I just took a look at that same console old I have and play around with it, since no longer have a home phone (land line) can’t test it, but just an idea.

Then buyer responded.

That s a good idea, & I ll try it, but the 4 numbers it dials are 10 digits, so in theory, I can put a dummy 10 digit number first. But when I pick up any phone in the house once i activate the alarm, i hear my outgoing message, followed by the stuttered tone of a call that doesnt go through. I will try that this morning though, & let you know before I proceed with the return process. The X10 support fellow who corresponded with me via email(you cant call them, you have to email) seemed clueless, & I came away feeling like I knew way more about the console than he did. I ve used this model for 10+ years w/o any problems, & I m not sure if Spectrum changed something with their phone service (they seem clueless as well), but I ve programmed both the old dialer & the new one many times over the past week, & while both consoles dial out, they dial now before a tone is established. I have a fax in my home as well, & tested it, & can send & receive faxes fine. I ll try it tho & let u know!


Good morning again! I did try that, but because the first number is a dummy, I’m still getting that stuttered tone when a phone number is misdialed-I guess it’s still doing it because even though the first number is a dummy number, it’s still not completing the first few digits due to the dialer calling out before a dial tone, so it never proceeds to the 2nd number which is the legitimate number I’m wanting it to call. I’ll go ahead & send it back today. In troubleshooting it, I read in a forum about the dialer that there’s a wireless cossole that works with all the door sensors, remotes, motion sensors, etc. that I have. It’s the SC1200 also made by X10. I guess I’ll try finding one of those; they mentioned in the forum that model has a programming feature where you can set a 2 second delay before the dialer picks up. Do you have one of those for sell? They also mentioned though that the signal range for that model is short in regards to registering the door sensors & motion detector, so I’m not sure if that’ll work either, but guess I’ll try it. Please do let me know if you have one, & thanks so much for trying to help me with the PS561. You were actually more helpful than the company tech support!