Hydroponic indoor basement cherry tomatoes getting ready for winter growing?

Well just in case you do not know, summer already here “Summer 2020 in Northern Hemisphere began on Saturday, June 20” Growing outdoor should have start back in mid or before spring end. If you haven’t start growing yet, it might be too late if you’re from the East Coast like I am.

This year I will be growing tomatoes, cherry tomatoes that is, the kind of tomatoes that does not need any pollination, it is self pollinate. According to some articles I am ready, tomatoes do best with bright sunlight, but not too hot. The weather in the East coast is pretty crazy, summer super hot and humid 90-100, while winter freezing cold and may be snow, but snowing going away. So I’m going back to growing indoor in my basement.

Although I’m growing a bunch of other stuff but I am focusing on Cherry Tomatoes for this purpose. The cherry tomatoes seedlings I have were from previous year of growing and the fruits dropped and now I have baby tomatoes plants. Some I let to grow outside and some I took indoor today and stated the planting process.

I’m using masterblend mix and grow kratky method as shown below. 8 plants, not so healthy looking, skinny and leggy. Let see what it will look like in a couple of weeks. Just the masterblend nutrients mix. The net cup barely touch the liquid and roots are touching the nutrients. I mix the nutrients incorrectly hopefully it doesn’t impact much, instead of 12gram of I use 16grams. Will see.

I strapped the LED light (300watts) to a strap so that I can adjust the position and height as it grow taller. I will simply need to work the strap to pull it up. I have a timer for 5 hrs light a day for now, will increase to 8hrs later. I will set up reminder to check liquid nutrients level every 1 week, then every 2 days, add nutrients when it’s close to empty. No airstone or moving at all. Although I’m thinking of adding a air stone or drip irrigation, will see.