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Paying verizon fios bill at a Kiosk got an error and the nightmare begins

First time paying my verizon fios bill at a local verizon store kiosk. The process was easy, and I paid cash. I input all the cash and done, but no, ERRR, got a white screen error and that was it, no print receipt was printed, so I flagged a staff to come over and check and he pressed OK and then printed me a manual receipt.

Days passed, then a week and then I checked my account one last time to see if my payment was reflected, and nope, it’s not. I chat with verizon fios online website, it was a pain, total 1 hour including waiting to be connected to chat. Chat told me to go back to that location and have them fix it.

So the next day I went to that same verizon fios location kiosk where I paid, but the staff there said there is nothing they can do because they do not have access to that machine to check anything. So I say ok, I will call now, so I’m in the car calling verizon fios billing, and 30 mins no one answer, so I drove home and continue to give them a call. Someone answer finally, billing department, then to Finance department to create an investigation. So I got the REF# or ticket# as reference and asked to wait a week before knowing the result.

A week passed, and my bill is now overdue, so I contact Verizon again trying Chat support, waited 30mins someone answer but again chat support does not appears to have much access to do anything, they said the REF # or ticket # is still pending is all they can say. They asked me to call instead.

So the next day I called, and spoke to Finance department, and this time this lady was so helpful and very nice, she took my information again and I think she expedited the request and 3 days later, today, it is resoved.

What a nightmare it was. I will try to pay again at the kiosk on my next bill to see if it happen again LOL 😛