Coinbase Card where Visa Master

There is another alternative so call but that getblockcard Ternio tokens hasn’t been doing well at all, a lot of negatives on how a user sends bitcoin value just to find out it shrunk up to 50%, meaning $50 deposit only $25 available to spend, despite their promise of cash back rewards and earning still doesn’t account for the loss when making the deposit, on top of that user being charged $5 a month for the card inactivity. So if you deposit $50 BTC, and only $25 to spend, but if you don’t spend it, your balance will be $0 in 5 months or less if you don’t use your card spend at least $500 a month. That $25 balance you have will not be spendable as $25, it will go down to $20, $10, $1, but not $0 though due Ternio token price fluctuating.

Joined the waiting list, maybe it will be available beginning of 2021